Review: Humblest of Pleasures, Hebden Bridge

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Humblest of Pleasures’ Instagram page is full of the most delicious looking cakes and wholesome comfort food, and the best part? It’s all vegan.

Situated in Hebden Bridge, a quaint town in West Yorkshire, Humblest of Pleasures is an adorable cafe, complete with pink shelves, potted plants and pretty, pink roses decorating the front of the bar.

I visited the cafe last month with my boyfriend Chris, after deciding we’d take a trip to Hebden Bridge for the day.

We arrived at Humblest of Pleasures around noon but unfortunately all the tables were taken as it was lunch time. A wander around the Antiques Centre and a couple of pints later, we went back to the cafe and found a free table to dine at.

Choosing what to have was an incredibly difficult task for both of us because everything on the menu sounded so bloody damn good. We’re used to going out to eat at restaurants and cafes that only have one or two vegan options on their menu, so when you’re given multiple options to choose from it can get a bit overwhelming.

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Both of us opted for the vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese, consisting of macaroni pasta, and a ‘cheese’ and butternut squash sauce – costing £6.95 each. I also chose to add ‘facon’ to mine for an extra £1.

It was served in the cutest vintage looking bowls and the portion size was huge – we definitely got our money’s worth.

Unfortunately the taste of this dish left a lot to be desired. Now I know what some of you are going to be thinking, ‘Amy, it’s not real mac ‘n’ cheese, so of course it’s not going to taste like the real thing,’ but in all honesty it tasted like watered down rice pudding. There was no real cheesy flavour to it. In fact, it tasted sweet. I found myself eating a piece of vegan bacon (which was delicious by the way) with each bite to mask the taste of the sauce. It’s definitely possible to create an authentic tasting cheese sauce that’s vegan, but this one was just bland and both Chris and myself ended up leaving a lot in our bowls.

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As I mentioned previously, the cakes at Humblest of Pleasures looked absolutely divine on their Instagram page so there was no way I was leaving without trying one. All the cakes are freshly homemade and there’s different ones to try every day.

Admittedly I didn’t make a note of the name of the cake I tried, but it was delicious. One of the worst things a cake can be in my opinion is dry, but this was really moist (sorry to anyone who cringes at that word) and the flavour was lovely. The sponge had a slight vanilla taste to it and was really light and fluffy. The frosting on top and the filling in the centre tasted like sweet raspberries. It was definitely a welcome change from the usual chocolate cakes I opt for and the party rings on top were such a fun finishing touch.

I paid £3 for the slice in the photo above. I don’t think the photo does the size of it any justice at all, but I was so shocked at how big the slice was.

Although I didn’t enjoy the mac ‘n’ cheese, I want to revisit Humblest of Pleasures to try some other foods on their menu. The entire sandwich menu and full English breakfast are at the top of my list for things I want to try next, as well as some of their other cakes, given how much I loved the one I tried on my first visit.



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