4 documentaries that will inspire you to go vegan

Changing my lifestyle from being a meat eating, animal skin wearing, horse riding, ignorant human, to becoming a passionate vegan, was beyond daunting at first. I made the change after spending months watching YouTube videos about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and exposing myself to the truth of what really happens within the animal agriculture industry.

Something I only did after becoming vegan though, was watch the inspiring documentaries you’ve probably heard vegans talk about, even if you’re not part of the community yourself. Watching them only helped to reaffirm why I’m living this lifestyle so if you’re reading this and you’re not vegan, I’d totally recommend checking out the list below and giving them a watch.


Earthlings was the very first vegan documentary I watched, or rather attempted to watch. I knew how bad the animal agriculture industry was, as that was my main reason for ditching animal products, but I hadn’t thought at that point about how humans also mistreat animals for entertainment, scientific research, clothing and profit. My main reason for going vegan was the farm animals I’d seen in videos having their throats cut and having their babies taken away from them. This documentary opened my eyes even further to how other animals are exploited for human gain.

Both Chris and myself only managed to watch a measly 20 minutes of the almost two hour long film before we had to turn it off because it was so upsetting.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know too much about how animals are treated by people, I’d highly recommend giving this documentary a watch. It’s available on YouTube, but I’ve embedded it into this post to make things easier for you. See if you can beat my 20 minute watch time.


Cowspiracy is by far my favourite vegan documentary, if not my favourite documentary of all time. It focuses on the environmental impact of animal agriculture and highlights the lengths big corporations that are supposed to be protecting our planet, will go to to keep up the appearance that they’re actually doing something to help, when in reality they’re doing the complete opposite.

This documentary is non-graphic so if that’s something keeping you from watching vegan documentaries, then rest assured you’re not going to be seeing anything gory in this.

Cowspiracy is filmed in almost a ‘follow me around’ style as Kip Andersen, who also produced What the Health, (which admittedly I still haven’t watched yet) sets out to find answers to questions no one else is even thinking to ask.

I’ve embedded a video of the documentary into this post but if you’d prefer to watch it without the Spanish subtitles, then it’s also available on Netflix.

Forks Over Knives

Photo credit,Licensed under CC BY 4.0

Forks over Knives is another documentary I found super inspiring, especially when I was just beginning my vegan journey. This film focuses on the health benefits of a whole food, plant based diet, which is essentially a healthy vegan diet consisting of unprocessed foods.

It follows the lives of people suffering with multiple medical issues and documents the changes they see following a vegan diet, as well as including informative interviews with doctors and medical professionals.

As someone with minimal medical knowledge I found this documentary incredibly insightful. It’s packed with facts and studies that contradict everything we’ve been taught about health and nutrition from being babies and I feel like I’m way more knowledgable on how a whole food, plant based diet can impact the body after watching this film.

There wasn’t a video on YouTube for me to embed on here but you can find Forks over Knives on Netflix.


SWINE is a short film come documentary I haven’t seen very many people talking about, but it’s one that’s stuck in my mind since I first watched it in the weeks after I became vegan.

The film focuses on the serious issue of antibiotic resistance and how animal agriculture is playing a huge part in this. Antibiotic resistance essentially means that when we develop an infection, the antibiotics doctors would normally prescribe us to treat it will no longer work. This happens because we’ll have ingested so much already from eating animals, who were also given antibiotics to treat infections that developed from the unsanitary conditions they live it, that they’ll no longer work when we really need them.

The film explains this is much better detail but hopefully you get the idea.

SWINE was produced by Viva! the vegan charity. I’d highly recommend visiting their website for more information on why you should go vegan and for tips on how to do it.

I’m always happy to speak to people about veganism and answer any questions people might have. If you want to know more or want any advice you can tweet me or DM me on Instagram.


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